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With increased oversight, workplace safety has become an important part of running an industrial plant. Our everyday lives rely on the “safeness” of our workplace. Even something as commonplace as a flow control valve can become a hazard if located in an unsafe area.

Elliott Manufacturing has developed an easy way to remotely operate any type of valve, in any industry. This remote drive technology gives the user the versatility to cycle the valve from a safe, convenient location. It eliminates the additional labor and equipment required to reach valves below grade, suspended overhead, even under water. With no exposed moving parts, it’s easy to install, requires a minimum amount of engineering, and no special tools.

Automated Valve & Equipment Co. was recently involved in a Safe Operator project with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Southerly Plant. The valves in question were located in the plant’s new incinerator building. The incinerators operate at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and are used to burn bio-solids, soil-like organic residue removed from sewage during processing. Gate valves are used in the venting process to relieve a build-up of methane gas. If not properly vented, the methane could cause a fire or explosion. Hard to access and a real mess for an operator standing nearby when the valves “burp”, the gate valves presented a clear danger when cycled. Working with Southerly personnel, Automated Valve designed and implemented Safe Operator installations.

If you still specify and use out of date (and dangerous) chainwheel operators, dual cable systems, or extension rods, contact us to look at a Safe Operator solution. You will be on your way to providing a safer, OSHA friendly, environment for your workforce.

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