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A customer came to us with an interesting application at a landfill site. They needed a 4” ball valve capable of remotely opening and closing in a very deep vault. The challenge was that the media was a blend of acid and water that they physically couldn’t get close to. So we suggested an 8 foot extension with an ELECTRIC actuator as compressed air was not available for a pneumatic actuator. The valve body had to be resistant to acid as did the seats. We paired the electric actuator and the 8 foot extension to a 4” flanged, Sharpe Series 5011, 316 stainless steel ball valve with RPTFE seats. The assembly was built and tested in our machine shop with success! We love these challenging applications and we pride ourselves in solving the tough problems our customers have! Contact us with your toughest applications!

Here is the stem extension that we fabricated for a customer. This is an 8 foot stem extension on a 4” Sharpe ball valve a Valvcon electric actuator!

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