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A specialty products manufacturer with 20 hot oil pump units was looking for a better pump sealing system.  Their current mechanical seals would last 3-4 months.  The seal failure caused the entire hot oil unit to fail and release oil onto the floor causing a safety concern.

The pump sealing system would be required to seal leak free at 350deg F and 100 PSI at 650RPM.  The packing sealing system recommended was a combination of SLADE® 3300C die formed rings compressed 33% followed by a carbon /graphite bushing ring, followed by a SLADE® packing ring only slightly compressed and the balance in carbon/graphite bushing rings.

The manufacturer is very pleased with the performance of the packing sealing system and has run virtually leak free with only occasional adjustment of the packing to maintain no leakage.  The SLADE® sealing system is allowing increased productivity through elimination of sudden pump seal failure and allowing plant maintenance to schedule planned outages for the hot oil units.

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